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Two-piece Ensemble: Thigh Length Laced & Polka-dotted Blouse Paired With Pedal Pusher Leggings.

TWO-PIECE ENSEMBLE: THIGH LENGTH LACED & POLKA-DOTTED BLOUSE PAIRED WITH PEDAL PUSHER LEGGINGS. For accessories, the 4-piece looped metallics & bangle paired with a 2″ open toed mules. How Do I Look? #CertifiedImageConsultant #SoftSkillsMatter #DressingWomen #AssociationOfImageConsultantsInternational #AICIPhilippineChapter #InstituteOfImageTrainingAndTestingInternational #IITTIAssociatePhilippines #EnhanceYourImageTrainingConsultancy www.enhanceyourimage.asia  

Jewel Neckline Blouse & Pedal Pusher Jeans

JEWEL NECKLINE BLOUSE & PEDAL PUSHER JEANS: A jewel or in my case textured neckline top is one that is rounded & without a collar..Pedal pushers are originally calf-length trousers of women that were popular during the 50’s and 60’s; they are often cuffed & work tight to the skin. Nowadays they got shorter to […]

Color Vitamins: Pretty In Pink

COLOR VITAMINS: PRETTY IN PINK. This is a diluted version of red when you add white into it. The color of nurturing & compassion, at the same time it is feminine and romantic. It calms the energies and exudes a feeling of reassurance. Today’s dress comes in the very light version of baby pink, with […]

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